Friday, 25 February 2011

Highlights of 2010

2010 was a busy year for the Bobcats. At the start of the season the aim of the Committee (Alex Levine - Chair, Justin Evans - Secretary and Debbie Evetts - Treasurer) was to establish a viable team in the West Midlands available to all. They transformed the old West Midlands Softball League into the new Birmingham Bobcats! At the first training session there were over 20 people and membership steadily grew throughout the season. The first tournament was the Cotswold Spring Tournament in June, which they won! In late Summer, the bobcats moved from the local public park to the beautifully-manicured Hallfield School Playing Fields in Edgbaston, Birmingham where they are set to stay. The year was summed up by Alex for the British Softball Federation

The photos below illustrate some of the year’s highlights on the field.

Alex pitching well at the Cotswold Spring Tournament

One of many superb catches -
this one by Jhune with support from Ilana, Lisa and Tad
A motivating team cheer led by Alex after our first victory

Tad running towards third base for a home run
with Quentin offering support as coach. 
Alex and Jack with our first trophy!

Kate and Matt overseeing the game at the Leicester Tournament

The Bobcats at the Leicester Tournament. 
Back Row: Kate, Matt. Jonathan, Justin, Reinout, Kate,
Tad, Jeff, Quentin and Alex. 
Front Row: Debbie, Jane, Meg, Trent and Ilana. And not forgetting Bill!

Action at the Cotswold Autumn Tournament. 
Alex on the pitcher's mound, Trent at First - will they be able to tag the runner!

The Bobcats' camp at the Cotswold Tournament

Saps manages to hit the softball over the head of the pitcher and into the
outfield! Will Debbie be able to make it to second in time ...
Trent makes it to third base, cheered on by Jhune

At the end of the season the team were reluctant to disband for the winter so several social events were organised to maintain the team spirit. These included a End of Season Bowling evening, a Christmas Social and a Historic Pub Crawl around Birmingham. The photos below show just some of the antics the bobcats’ got up to!

The End of Season Bowling night. 
Here Jeff and Alex show off their other ball skills

Jeff and Alex

Debbie was not as focused on the game as Justin

Alex, Jeff, Tad, Jonathan and Debbie
Jeff, Kate, Tad and Jonathan

Alex, Tad and Mike - I think the photo says it all.
After the bowling, we went to the pub (well several). 

Team Spirit: Jonathan, Reinout, Quentin, Shane, Kate and Tad
The Christmas party featuring prices, medals and Miss Claus

Quentin and Jonathan show off their medals!

Justin and Quentin

Miss Claus (Kate) bowling!

The night ended with Tad dancing with his fart whistle and wooden spoon.

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