Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bristol Main Tournament 2012

For the first time the Bobcats entered the Bristol Main Tournament.  The tournament was reputed to be a highly competitive and serious tournament and after the comp at Manchester FirstBall the Bobcats were just a little nervous. 

The team consisted of Kate Page-Smith as Captain, Quentin Young, Cara Rose, Sapin Patel, Alhieza Dela Paz, Jeff Nash, Maria Francis, Tad Ukai, Vicky Bodman, Chad Farmer, Meg Gallahan, Pete Burgess, Steph Bicker, Trent Nash and Dylan Crosby.

Due to the severe weather, the tournament was re-located on to astro-turf.  The tournament organisers really outdid themselves and despite the weather they arranged a splendid, efficient event.  

The Bobcats were placed in a group with the Grandslammers, Desperados, Friendly Fire and the Comets.  The Bobcats were still a rather unknown team and therefore were seen as the underdogs.  However, by the end of the day they had made their mark as they had won all their games apart from one against the Comets.  There were so many highlights, but a shout out should go to Kate for her first home run and to David Dean from Manchester who supported and base-coached the Bobcats through-out the tournament. 

After an evening at Frankie and Bennys and the disco in the club house, the Bobcats were fired up for the second day.  Their first game was a tense draw against the Monkeys, but it was the second game against the Pimlico Pirates that got everyone excited.  After three innings the Pirates were up 8-2.  However, the Bobcats soon caught up and won 12-9.  Amazing! 

They soon made it to the semi-final, where once again they faced the Comets and lost.  However, as the Comets had not lost any of their games and were in poll position.  This meant the Bobcats were still ineligible for the final – if they had scored more runs than the Monkeys – they had!

So once again the Bobcats faced the Comets, who at this point were rather self-assured.  By the second inning they were ahead, but the Bobcats are not a team to lose faith easily.  In the four inning the Bobcats scored 8 runs and had taken the lead.  They kept it, winning the game and the C Group tournament.

It was such a marvellous weekend; the team were fantastic – they worked and played so well together and it was a joy to lead, watch and celebrate with them.  Well done Bobcats!!

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