Thursday, 2 August 2012

Women's Softball for Beginners 2012

In mid May the Birmingham Bobcats, supported and funded by BSUK and Sportivate run its first Women’s Softball for Beginners. 

The course which took place over six weeks was designed to attract and introduce female participants to Softball and therefore enable the Birmingham Bobcats to expand from one team of lots of guys and a few ladies into several teams.  With more teams in the city Birmingham would be able to develop a league. 

The course was a great success – attracting 18 members, all of whom have since either joined the team or have already signed up for the next course.  The class was run by Meg Gallahan, with assistance from Sapin Patel and supported by Will Lintern of BSUK.  Meg and Sapin did a fantastic job teaching first the basic and then advanced skills in a fun and engaging way.  The ladies were noticeably improving each week and by the end of the course most participants were eager to join the upcoming league which was then possible due to the sudden increase in female participants. 
Here are a few photos of the first week:

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