Wednesday, 20 June 2012

The Draft

Monday 18th June was the evening of ‘the Draft’.  The captains of the Birmingham Softball League, who were appropriately dressed in suits, gathered to equally divide the members of the Bobcats to create the Harborne Hammerheads, the Minotaurs, the Weasels and the Roosters. 

After weeks of scouting and preparation the captains were primed and the draft began.  In a serpentine fashion each team chose their members, with only a few disputes. However, at the end of the meeting everyone was happy with their team and looking forward to the first game on Thursday.
The results of the draft are:

Captains: Sapin Patel and Chad Famer
Alhieza  Dela Paz
Brian Dela Paz        
Chris Williams
Daniel Paine
Habib ul Haq           
Jack Crosby
Jhune Ordona         
Kiri Coxon
Maria Francis
Natalie Barton
Sadie Buls    

Captains: Kate Page-Smith and Quentin Young
Amy Maddocks
Dan Clarke
Emily Mitchell
Hayley Shaddick
Laura Holmes         
Luke Millar              
Matt Grigg
Mike Rodger
Neal Robinson
Reinout Mildner
Ursula Hammond
Will Lintern
Captains: Jim Kent and Meg Gallahan
Becky Hughes
Dan Smith
Debbie Evetts          
Dylan Crosby           
Ellen Welsh
Gillian Broodhead
Jayne Welsh
Jeff Nash
Jonathan Stonehill
Jonathan Wilkes
Ross Woodhouse
Trent Nash

Captains: Pete Burgess and Tad Ukai
Alex Levine
Cara Rose
Davide Rubino
Drew Swainston     
Ed Jones
Justin Evans            
Kate Miller   
Laura Nicklin
Nicole Chalmers
Richard Dumbill     
Sarah-Louise Collins         
Victoria Bodman

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