Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Birmingham Softball League

On the 21st June the Birmingham Bobcats will host the first Birmingham Softball League (BSL).  The ‘league’ is a development programme intended to provide game experience to an increasing membership, add an exciting competitive element to training and as a pilot for a potential official league based in Birmingham.  

The BSL consists of four teams created from the Bobcats; The Roosters, The Minotaurs, The Weasels and the Harborne Hammerheads.  Each team is captained by two coaches who will offer individual training and coaching throughout. The enthusiasm for the league really took off after Jim Kent, media guru for the Bobcats, designed logos for each team and made the league a reality.  

The league will take place over six weeks with two timed games every Thursday, finishing with a semi-final and final in the fifth and six week.

The league has already attracted new members to the club and is appealing to new audiences.  With the help of BSUK, the Bobcats hope this year’s development venture will pave the way for an official league in Birmingham next year.  It is certainly an ambition worth striving for. 

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