Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Karaoke Central

Not only do the Bobcats play softball, but as it turns out – they also sing!  Our latest ‘after training drink’ venue, the Proverbial holds a Karaoke night on Thursday evenings and faced with such temptation how can the Bobcats resist.  After a preliminary singing session, the Bobcats took control of the stage (covered in mud and blood, while everyone else was in the finest clubbing gear).  Pete and Dan blew everyone away with Ghostbusters, Quentin showed everyone his True Colours, Dylan flaunted his magnificent Chocolate Salty Balls – with assistance from Dan and Pete, and Kate operatically bellowed for a Big Spender.  Videos have been taken so get ready for the upcoming Bobcat Channel – it is going to be prime time!

1 comment:

  1. Karaoke is such a good activity for building team or group bonds. Not that the Bobcats need it, I imagine! Sports in itself is an inherent team building exercise. The trouble with karaoke is that it's rarely tackled without alcohol, those looking to try their hand at it with seriousness should look at buying a small home system for themselves from Sing To The World.