Thursday, 15 December 2011

General Softball Quiz!

If you are planning a Softball Party and looking for interesting ideas to break the ice, here is a quiz which you may like to use.  It is quite difficult so be warned!  For the Bobcats Christmas Party I added two more rounds – one about the club and one about the players (see previous post).
History of Softball

1. What was the first softball made of?
A rolled up boxing glove.
2. What year was the first game that inspired softball first played?
1887, During a Thanksgiving American Softball game, a supporter of Yale supporter playfully throw a boxing glove at a Havard Supporter who swung at the glove with a broom stick.  George Hancock called out play ball and the first game commenced.  It went on to be developed as an indoor version of baseball, which explains the shorter distance between bases.
3. When was the name ‘softball’ first officially suggested and name two other names for the game prior to this date. (3 points)
1926 – Diamond Ball and Mush Ball, Pumpkin Ball, Kitten Baseball, Lemon Ball
4. When was Softball first 'officially' introduced to the UK?
5. What was the name of the first team to play 'Softball'?
Farragut Boat Club
6. The European Softball Federation was established in Rome in 1976 by six national Baseball and Softball Federations – who were they?  ½ point for each.
Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.

10 points
International Softball

7. How many countries are members of the International Softball Federation?
8. Name one country to recently join the ISF?
Gambia, Jordan and Guinea Bissau.
9. Which country is credited as the number one softball nation? Why?
Australia – it is the only country to have four elite national teams ranked top 3 in the world.
10. According to a recent American article what are the European ‘big five’ national teams in Softball?
Netherlands, Italy, Czech Republic, Great Britain and Russia
11. What do the following acronym stand for –SBAI
Softball Association of India

5 points
British Softball

12. How many times have the GB Co-ed Slowpitch team won the European Co-ed Slowpitch Championships
Who did they beat in the 2011 final? ½ point
8 times
GB beat Slovenia in the 2011 final.
13. How many registered slowpitch leagues are there in GB? 
Can you name 2 beginning with B, 1 beginning with C and 1 beginning with S? ½ point
25 Leagues. 
Brighton and Hove Softball League, Bristol Softball Association, Cardiff Softball League, Central Scotland Softball League and the Solent Softball League.
14. How many teams were there in the Manchester Softball League in 2011
Which team won division 1? ½ point
30 teams
Greensox were triumphant. 
15. Which city are the following teams associated with?
The Penguins and Wolverines?
The Brewers and Sheriffs?
The Candy Bulls and Sporting Hangovers?
The Black Sox and the Bright Sox?

London Penguins and Wolverines
Nottingham Brewers and Sherriffs
Edinburgh Candy Bulls and Sporting Hangovers
Brighton Black Sox and the Bright Sox

10 points (7 plus 6 ½ points)

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