Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Spectacular Bobcat Christmas Quiz!

If you can’t remember the quiz from the Christmas Party ,don’t fret – here it is!

 Before Hallfield, where was the Bobcats Home Ground in 2010?
Four Dwellings High School, Quinton
Who did the TourCats play against in the Netherlands in July 2011?
Sittard Condors
Who are the current Bobcat Committee and what are their positions?
Alex - Chair, Justin – Secretary, Debbie – Treasurer, Kate – Social Secretary, Reinout – player representative, Chris & Jeff – general committee member
Was the nickname the umpire gave the Bobcats at the Cotswold Spring Tournament 2010?
Bobbie cats!
Name four teams the Bobcats faced at the East Midlands FirstBall Tournament in 2011? ½ point each
Nottingham Pyros, University of Nottingham Swingwers, Beeston Beavers, Alea Alleycats
Who were the Bobkitties who won the Girls Relay race at the East Midlands FirstBall Tournament in 2011?
Kate, Charlie, Meg, Jayne, Debbie and Maisey.
During the Picnic the Bobcats played fancy dress croquet.  Can you name the two fancy dress items?
Moulin rouge dancer, two pirates, Supergirl and a monkey.
How many times has Chris been hit in the face this year and by whom?
Twice – Quentin and Tad
Who was the MVP Offensive and MVP Defensive players at the West Midlands Softball Diamond League in May 2011?
Jeff – Offensive and Meg – Defensive.
Who was shot point blank in the back during the Bobcats paintballing day and by whom?
Debbie by Mike.
Name who won the following awards in 2011 – Top of the Litter, On the Prowl, Cat-Nip Award
Top of the Litter – Rosie; On the Prowl – Chad; Cat-Nip Award - Pete
What were the 2011 End of Season Awards made of?
Which two Bobcats won the bowling games at the End of Season Social?
Kate and Alex
Who won the Bobcats the final game at the Monmouth Halloween Tournament?

Which Bobcat has had the following job: a pirate, chocolate packer, language teacher and TV extra.
Which Bobcat is a secret electrician?
Which Bobcat has Burmese ancestry?
Name three Bobcats who work in a hospital?
Alex, Reinout and Pete
Which Bobcat dreams of being the Milkybar kid?
Which Bobcat destroyed Lord Vestey’s lawn?
Which Bobcat has a diploma from New Symrna Beach Clown Alley?
Which Bobcat has swam the Channel?
Which Bobcat has never learnt to ride a bike?
The ancestor of which Bobcat was an antiquarian whose work helped establish the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland?

There was also a picture round, in which the participants had to match the Bobcat with their stage name (worked out from a secret formula that involved pet names and addresses).  This turned out to be hilarious.
 Alex = Gary Dover. 
Christmas Elf Name: Adorable Berry-Baubles

Chris = Simpkins Deal
Christmas Elf Name: Wriggly Horny Helper
Dan = Smokey Barnsdale
Christmas Elf Name: Perky Candy-Lips
Debbie = Brownie Maya  
Christmas Elf Name: Cheerful Fluffy-Paws
Jayne = Pipkin Whetstone
Christmas Elf Name: Lucky Crazy-Legs
Jim = Little Pig Forshaw
Christmas Elf Name: Scrummy Floppy-Fairy
Jonathan = Susan Fareham
Christmas Elf Name: Snooky Bed-Head
Justin = Rosie Park
Christmas Elf Name: Lucky Horny Fairy
Kate = Cat Rodwell
Christmas Elf Name:  Sparky Holly Tinsel
Meg = Streaker Woodland
Christmas Elf Name: Giggley Dancing-Cracker
Pete = Ben Thorn
Christmas Elf Name: Lovable Horny Sprout
Quentin = Frisky Glendonwynne
Christmas Elf Name: Lucky Chilly Bow
Reinout = Kasper Breugellaan
Christmas Elf Name: Brandy butter-Cheeks
Rosie = Ginger Rock
Christmas Elf Name: Cutie Dancing-Cheeks
Tad = Terry Osaka
Christmas Elf Name: Smiley Christmas Tummy

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