Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Spectacular Bobcat Christmas Party!

Saturday 10th December was the Birmingham Bobcats Softball Club Christmas Party.  This is the main social event of the season, and after last year’s party expectations were high.  The party was held at Bennetts in the centre of Birmingham, situated between the German Christmas Market and the Cathedral. 
The dress code was smart and boy did the Bobcats do well!  It was wonderful to see so many in tuxedos and suits.  Even Quentin was relatively smartly dressed – at least he wasn’t wearing sports gear that fell down!
 Chris and Pete

Jonathan and Debbie
Tad, Chris, Pete, Jonathan and Dan
Upon entry the Bobcats were greeted with champagne and a badge with their Christmas Elf Name (See following post for details).   These ranged from Lucky Horny Fairy to Cheerful Fluffy-Paws.  They had their own area in which to play in and the atmosphere was soon buzzing with everyone catching up. 
Tad, Pete, Alex, Dan and Chris

 Reinout and Rosie (with Kate sneaking in the background)

Although the menu looked outstanding, the food left something to be desired – but honesty no one was there for the food!  The service was excellent, especially as the rest of the venue was packed.  The games began immediately with Kate and Jim trying to launch springy cracker toys into each other drinks. 
 Dan, Wendy, Colin Meg, Chris, Jayne, Quentin and Pete

 Jonathan, Jim, Alex, Kate, Reinout and Tad

After dinner the Bobcats were joined by three special guests – Father Christmas, an Elf and a Reindeer (also known as Alex, Debbie and Kate – a few of the committee).  This caused great hilarity all round and really added to the Christmas spirit. 
 Father Christmas and his helpers

 Father Christmas is not actually from the North Pole – he is from New York

 Our favourite Christmas Elf comes complete with Jager Bombs!

Father Christmas came equipped with presents, but you know where you have to sit if you are going to get a present from Santa!  It started off quite reserved, but as the game went on it became more ... interesting.
Elf keeping an orderly queue
Chris with Father Christmas
Tad with Father Christmas
Reinout with Father Christmas 
Jim with Father Christmas 
Quentin with Father Christmas
Pete with Father Christmas
Jayne with Father Christmas
 Meg with Father Christmas

One happy little Elf.

Following the present-giving the Bobcats said goodbye to Father Christmas and his helpers and embarked upon a softball quiz.  Unfortunately the venue was too loud and the participations took intoxicated to take it seriously.  The reason for the intoxication – the good old Bobcat favourite – JAGER BOMBS!  They have even created a new way to serve them – a Jager-bomb dominoes rally, which Jim has perfected. 
Jim getting ready for the Jager-Bob rally
And he did it, much to the delight of the crowd!

 Chris, Jim, Pete and Debbie

Jim and Pete 
The night continued on in this fashion (in true Bobcat style), but I shall leave that to your imagination!

Chris and Pete looking a bit different from the first photo in this post!

Three stages of Jager-Bob- starting from the right!

Chris, Jim and Pete saying hello to the Reindeer (no petting).

Cracker time – Rosie, Alex and Debbie

Meg, Jayne and Rosie

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