Friday, 22 July 2011

Social Events - Save the date.

The Social Events have been given their own special section on the website, which includes a list of all the social events currently being planned up until 2012 (see table below).  Please make a note of the dates so you don't miss out.  It looks like an exciting line-up! 

The next event is the Bobcats picnic, on Saturday afternoon and evening on 6th August.  More details to follow early next week. 

Waterworks Training Special
The Bobcats will be hosting a training session and friendly game for the Waterworks Youth Centre and Edgbaston Police.  The event will be held during normal training hours, but will be attended by local journalists and councillors.  Please join us for an evening of fun and to show your support.
Bobcats Picnic & Fun day
Cannon Hill Park
As it is summer (!) there will be a Bobcats picnic at Cannon Hill Park.  In addition to the lovely scenery, there will be games including egg & spoon races, three-legged football, piggy-back wrestling, limbo, bowls, wheelbarrow races etc. as well as use of the Badminton courts and the lake.  Please bring along a blanket and your food of choice for a spectacular afternoon.
Bassetts Pole, Sutton Coldfield
Bassetts Pole is one of the largest paintballing venues in the country so join us for an afternoon of team bonding, followed by a night on the town. 
Pucks vs. Balls
The Bobcats have been challenged to a game of softball by the Birmingham Eagles Ice Hockey team. 
End of Season Social
Bowlplex, Fiveways
After the success of last years end of season social, the Bobcats are returning to the Bowlplex.  Join us to find out how will win the wooden spoon and who will be the first on the dance floor.
South Coast Tour
Weekend in Mid October
Bristol, Weymouth, Southampton
Following the success of the TourCats Netherlands trip a tour of the south coast is currently being organised.  This will involve a friendly tournament against the Bristol teams on Saturday, followed by an evening in the idyllic town of Weymouth, and then another friendly tournament with the Solent league on Sunday.  Put your name down quick as it will be a popular event.
Bobcats Halloween Special
The Bobcats ‘Dead-Ball’ Murder Mystery.  To celebrate Halloween the Bobcats have been invited back to the early 1900s to the dead-ball era.  Join us for an evening of suspense and entertainment. 
Bobcats Christmas Party
Will Miss Claus join the Bobcats again this year or will there be another surprise guest?
Birmingham Derby
April 2012
The Bobcats will host a friendly tournament for charity in a local park.  The softball tournament will include sports teams from all over Birmingham to raise money for charity, bring the teams of Birmingham together and raise awareness of Softball in the city. 
TourCats 2012
June/July 2012
TBC – France, Spain, or Italy. 
Following the success of the Netherlands Tour, a similar tour is currently being organised for 2012 – but this time it will be somewhere warm and sunny – preferably with a beach!
Further details concerning each event will be provided closer to the particular time. 

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