Thursday, 10 November 2011

New for 2012 - Bobcat Indoor Softball

This week we held a photo shoot for the upcoming launch of the 2012 Bobcat Indoor Softball.  This is all down to Chris Williams, who has been hard at work organising a venue, equipment and technical details (notably playing rules).  It is shaping up to be a fantastic programme and we cannot wait for January!

The venue is Kingsbury Leisure Centre at Erdington.  The staff were very helpful and didn't mind our balls flying into doors, the ceiling, equipment etc - each time with a very loud bang!  No need to guess who the main culprit of that was ...

The game itself is very exciting and face paced, but I have no doubt the Bobcats will soon get used to it.  Hmmm - I am sure Kate's injuries throughout the evening were because she was ill ... This was just after she was hit on the head - but as you can see she soon bounces back!

On Sunday 6th November, Kate attended the Bristol Indoor Tournament to discuss tactics with the Bristol Softball Assciociation and to set up a friendly indoor tournament with them next february.  They were very excited by this propsect and offered any support we need. This Sunday she will be visiting the Leciester teams to do the same.  So we certainly have a lot on our plate for next year! 

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