Tuesday, 15 May 2012

East Midlands FirstBall Tournament 2012

Just three days after the first outdoor training session the Bobcats attended their first tournament for 2012.  The Bobcats arrived early to assess the competition and to warm up (which was achieved just by walking to the pitches that were positioned a long way from the club house ... and toilets).  It was a glorious day, unexpectedly so which is why no-one brought sun-cream.  
Quentin and Sap were the captains for the day.  Sap sorted out the batting line-up while Quentin led the warm-up.  The pterodactyl reared its head for the first time in 2012 and boy, did it sound good.  The calls could be heard echoing around the pitches. 

Sapin calling the line up.

 Quentin and Chad.

Based on past experiences the Bobcats were entered into the Rec Tournament along with the RedBacks, the Alea Alleycats, Royals 2, and the Brewers. Despite their intense winter training the Bobcats were uncertain what lay for the day ahead.  The team consisted of a mix of returning and new players of mixed abilities, but with Bobcat enthusiasm and determination.

 2012 Bobcats!

The Bobcats were up against the Redbacks.  First up to bat was the Bobcat’s new pitcher Dylan Crosby, who despite a weak knee hit an instant home run.  It started the day with a bang.  Chad and Tad soon followed suit and the game finished 13-3 to the Bobcats. It was exactly what the team needed after four months of training.

 Dylan after scoring his first home run for the Bobcats.

The rest of the day was filled with similar situations.  Home runs by Jhune Ordona, Dan Paine, Jeff Nash, Quentin Young, Meg Gallahan, Chris Williams and Pete Burgess.  Amazing catches by Jack Crosby, Alhieza Perez-Dela Paz, Kate Miller and great base running by Trent Nash, Jane Welsh and Rich Dumbill. The Bobcats were on fire!  

 The Home Run Kings and Queens!

Off the pitch Pete broke the new batting stick, which proceeded to fly into the field during play causing much amusement to those at 3rd and short-stop who were almost taken out by a flying ball on a stick; Chris brought a bbq feast to be proud off – although the disposable bbqs smoked out the third game; and Quentin and Pete disappeared for 2 hours in the middle of the day – it was reported they were in the toilets playing Nintendo 3DS. 

 Pete and Quentin - bromance!

The day was a huge success on all accounts (apart from the sunburn).  The Bobcats won the final by 27-3 and the Rec tournament.  Not a bad result considering the Bobcats almost won the wooden spoon in 2011.  
 Quentin, Alex and Sap collecting the Rec Tournament trophy.

So with their first tournament under their belt, what will the Bobcats go on to achieve in 2012.  Watch this space.  Here are some photos from the day:

 Dylan seconds before his home run - you can just see the intense concerntration!

 Tad and Dan on the sidelines enjoying the glorious sunshine.

Dan, Chad, Dylan and Tad.
 Captains please ...

 Our fantastic scorer Chris!

Team talk led by Quentin Young.

 Alhieza on third, with base coach Pete.

 Meg in action!

 Kate M safe at first.

Pete on his way to a home run, directed by base coach Jack.

Meg's first home run of the season.

Tense stuff on the sidelines.

Our growing fan base!

It was a good day - tiring, but good.

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