Thursday, 11 August 2011

Riots in Birmingham!

As most of you will be aware there were serious riots and looting in the city on Monday and Tuesday night.  Although most of the trouble was in the centre it spread out to areas such as Handsworth and Winson Green, where three people were killed.  Thankfully there were no further outbreaks on Wednesday night.  As far as we know there has been no damage in the vicinity of our training ground and none of our members have been caught up in the chaos. 

The West Midlands Police force have been working tirelessly to control the situation and on Tuesday morning the Bobcats sent an email of gratitude and support to our local police station Edgbaston.  Surprisingly we received an email back with the following:

Thank you, your support is greatly appreciated. It's actually quite strange for us at the moment as none of us can remember the last time we had so much support from the public. We're all ok at the moment but a bit tired. We're working 12 hour shifts and we've just had all leave and days off cancelled until Monday next week - gutted as I had a ticket for the Wales v England rugby match on Saturday!!!

As soon as all of this calms down we will definitely arrange a softball match  - I'm sure we'll all need it.

Please pass on my regards to the rest of the club and our gratitude for the support - it is a very difficult and tiring time for us and the support we're getting from the public means more to us than you'll ever know.

I think you will agree this is a wonderful response and I hope you are as proud as I am to be part of the Edgbaston community and especially of our brave boys and girls in blue.  Hopefully we (the boys and girls in purple) can celebrate with them soon!

Training will go on as normal this evening.  It is at times like these that we need to Keep Calm and Carry On (as my cup says)! 

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