Friday, 2 September 2011

Meet the Birmingham Bobcats Committee

Chairman: Alex Levine
Alex is the Chairman of the Birmingham Bobcats Softball Club.  He has run the club for five years and has lifelong experience of the game.  Alex's role is to preside over meetings, be the representative and spokesman of the club, to organise tournaments and to oversee the general setup/duties of the club. 

Secretary: Justin Evans
Justin has been playing softball in Birmingham for 20 years.  As Secretary, Justin is responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists for the club.  He takes the minutes at meetings, ensures their accuracy and availability, and assists the Chairman with the day-to-day running of the club. 

Treasurer: Debbie Evetts
Debbie has been involved in Softball for over 20 years.  In her day job she is an accountant so her position as Treasurer is a sensible one.  Her role is to ensure the financial stability of the club, to keep a detailed record of the accounts and to approve any purchases.

 Social Secretary: Kate Page-Smith
Although Kate only started playing Softball last year, she has been socialising for over 20 years.  Her role as Social Secretary involves the organisation of the club's social events, to organise friendly or charity games, to update the blog, to maintain good public relations in collaboration with the Chairman and general duties associated with the committee. 

Fundraising Manager: Jeff Nash
Jeff has been with the Bobcats for two seasons, but has been playing baseball and softball all his life.  At the beginning of this season Jeff obtained a sponsorship from Straightline for the club.  He also organises and undertakes raffles at tournaments and is in discussions with the Social Secretary about charity and fundraising events in early 2012. He also undertakes general duties associated with the committee.

Player Representative: Reinout Mildner
Reinout is a one of our two coaches for the team.  He is also a Doctor at Birmingham Children's hospital, so he is well placed to make sure the Bobcats are fit, healthy and happy.  Reinout has the perfect temperament for a player representative - he is approachable, positive, friendly, knowledgeable, discreet and tolerant.  Reinout also undertakes general duties associated with the committee.

Newslitter Editor: Chris Williams
Chris started playing softball in London, but joined the Bobcats this year.  He has thrown himself into the committee by starting up and maintaining the Newslitter and setting up the Indoor winter season for the Bobcats.  He also arranged and undertook our first Bobcat stand at a major sporting fair.  Chris also undertakes general duties associated with the committee.

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