Thursday, 1 September 2011


The Committee meeting started as all meeting should commence – with Cava, Cake and a sing song – to celebrate Kate’s birthday. 

However, we did remain sober and had a productive meeting.  Here is a summary of the minutes:

Treasurer’s report:
We now have 32 paid up members.  The budget for new equipment was discussed - especially for indoor softball and new bases.

Social Report:
Picnic was a success and there is a lot of interest in Paintballing this weekend.  August is not a good time for social events as people are on holiday so next year there will be no ‘official’ social events in August.  A venue still needs to be located for the Murder Mystery.  It was voted that the Christmas Party will include Dinner and Karaoke – Kate to contact Pad Thai asap.  Invitations with strict RSVP will be sent out in the next couple of weeks.  Kate has been chasing the Solent League and the Bristol League concerning the TourCats Autumn Trip.  Although they are keen, they have not yet confirmed and time is ticking away.  It was suggested that rather than cobbling together a last minute trip, if there is not further response in the next week, the trip will be postponed. 

Diamond league assumed defunct following difficulty of Leamington/Coventry/Stratford in getting teams.  Will push this forward for 2012 as it is agreed a worthwhile thing to pursue.  There may still be a game on Sunday, to be decided at training tonight. The Police game will now be rescheduled for early 2012 season due to illness and riots.  The Ice hockey game will now be rescheduled for early 2012 season due to the six week course taking precedence for the rest of the season.  Spring 2012 Derby game – Perry Park would be ideal venue. Birmingham Children’s Hospital would be a good choice of charity as many of members are connected to the charity. Other sports clubs have been invited and already keen feedback. Leics tournament and Stroud tournament; we have entered, but we need to accumulate players, particularly females.  2012 tournament schedule has not yet been finalised, tournaments such as Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Windsor, Leicester, Edinburgh and Jersey have been suggested. 

Shirts should be mandatory for all players as it encourages players and provides a necessary identity.  There have been complaints about the style which will be reviewed for next season.  Both Jeff and Kate have options. 

Indoor Softball:
Chris has organised a venue and it will start on the 11th Jan at Kingsbury.  It will cost each player £2 per week.  Alex and Chris will visit venue soon and prepare suitable rules based on BSUK and London Teams recommendations. 

Other updates:

The Committee will meet at the end of the season to prepare a five year plan and discuss the future of the club.  Once this has been decided we can agree what grants to go for. 

Jim Kent and Kate will be submitting photos and a video on behalf of the Bobcats for the BSUK competition.  The video is in preparation (based on the Netherlands trip) and Kate will ask members for suitable photos this week. 

Every member has joined BSF thanks to Justin. 

The Handsworth Sports & Cultural Day was attended by Chris, Debbie, Reinout, Saps and Tad.  There was unfortunately poor public attendance, but our stand looked great.  More information to follow in the next blog post. 

BSUK will organise an umpire and coaching course for early 2012. 

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