Thursday, 27 October 2011

Bobcats October Committee Meeting 2011

Below is a summary of the minutes from the October Committee meeting.  The next meeting will be the AGM and all members are invited to attend - an email will be going out shortly with details.   
In attendance:  Alex (Chair), Justin (Secretary), Debbie (Treasurer), Kate (Social), Reinout (Player rep), Chris.  Guest: Will Lintern
Treasury report
As usual Debbie has looked after the accounts perfectly and everything is in order. 
Review of 2011 Season
Overall a good year for the club - well attended training sessions, 34 paid members on the books, an overseas trip and a good showing in tournaments (although there weren’t enough of them).  Disappointments included lack of Brumball and cancellation of Diamond Series games.  However, the committee has learnt a lot this year and we are very confident for 2012. 
Goals 2012
  • Hold charity tournament at start of season (no Brumball in view of this)
  • Widen membership to 50 people, especially encourage female players
  • Enter more tournaments and continue to hold friendly games with Leamington, Stratford, Razorbacks and possibly Leicester. Consider having the above friendlies once a month? (Possibly evenings) Kate to develop with her contacts.
  • Kate to also further develop links with Bristol, Leicester and Manchester leagues for further tournament and game opportunities.
  • Coaching courses – Will advised level 1 course on 19th and 26th November in Coventry. After discussion it was agreed Bobcats should send 3 people on level 1 course and it has subsequently been agreed that Saps, Meg and Kate will attend this. Quentin will remain Head Coach and will work with BSUK to acquire Level 2 qualification. 
  • Umpiring – Dovetailing umpiring courses with Leicester in March 2012.
  • Hallfield as a venue is okay but may look at more specialist ground.  Alex to investigate.
Goals Long-Term
A 5 year plan was brainstormed and a document is currently being prepared by Chris and Kate.  The plan will be presented at the AGM.
Charity Tournament 2012
A meeting was held in early October to discuss the logistics of the tournament.  The next stage is to organise a meeting with Birmingham Children’s Hospital to determine a date.  The venue will be Hallfield.  Kate, Alex and Reinout to pursue.
Will’s Views
Basically BSUK goal is to encourage more players and more teams – 40 odd by 2013. 
With regards to the Bobcats, he would like to see 3 or 4 qualified coaches, work towards accreditation and enough members for 2 more teams.
More funding may be available for certain things, enquire to BSUK via him.
Indoor League
Chris and Alex have visited the Kingsbury site and decided on which ball to use.  Draft information pack was handed out, minor changes needed.  Kate and Chris will prepare posters/advertising, after which Chris will prepare a launch.   Will encourage Razorbacks and other West Midlands teams to join us. 
Christmas party 10th December at Bennetts, Kate’s flyer refers.  Next year the ‘official’ social events will be limited to three – Start of Season, End of Season and Christmas.  Other social events will revolve around tournaments. 
Kit Update
Meg and Jeff responsible for looking into new style kits, Facebook correspondence refers
Annual General Meeting
Originally suggested to be before Christmas party, but subsequently decided to arrange a separate meeting. Date and venue to be confirmed and JE will invite all paid members to attend.  The AGM will present the 5 year plan to the members and future responsibilities will be allocated.
Other committee meeting will be held early January to discuss more detailed plans for 2012 season.
JE and AL are attending League Heads Forum on 26th November.

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