Monday, 10 October 2011

End of Season Awards

On 8th October the Bobcats held their End of Season Award ceremony.  The nine awards summed up all aspects of the Bobcats - determination, enthusiasm, dedication, team spirit etc – not just performance and skill.  The winners were voted by the Committee as the best in their category for the year 2011. 

The results were as follows:

Top of the Litter Award (Rookie of the Year): Rosie Benson

Sharpen Those Claws Award (Most Improved): Trent Nash (who unfortunately was not available  to accept his award)

On the Prowl Award (Defensive Most Valuable Player): Chad Farmer


On the Hunt Award (Offensive Most Valuable Player): Quentin Young:

The Pride Award (Best Team Player): Debbie Evetts

Smitten Award (Most Valuable Supporter): Jim Kent

Cat-Nip Award (Most Enthusiastic Player): Pete Burgess

Cat-astophe Award (Self-Sacrificing, Most Injured Player): Chris Williams

Purr-fect Award (Best Overall Player): Tad Ukai

We have had such a fantastic year and the committee would like to thank everyone who attended and contributed to the season.  However, the committee would also like to make a few special mentions to the following:  

·         Quentin Young for taking on the role of Coach and doing a grand job.
·         Will Lintern for helping out this season and generally joining in– long may it continue. 
·         Saps Patel and Chris Williams for looking after the Kit. 
·         Chris Williams for the Newslitter and all round contribution to the club.
·         Reinout Mildner for co-organising the Netherlands Trip
·         Jim Kent for the documentaries and continued determination despite injury.
·         Debbie Evetts for collecting money and assisting with social events
·         Steve Pinnell for doing the website.
·         Jeff for the trophies and raffles – and sponsorship.

 Although officially it is the end of the season, there is still plenty in store over the next couple of months so keep checking the blog ...

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  1. 'Special mention' should also be made to Kate Page-Smith for all of her hard work organising social events and tournaments, updating this blog and the facebook page, organising trophies and team shirts - and indeed generally helping to develop the Bobcats' team spirit!