Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Indoor Softball - Big Success

Since the 10th January 2012 the Birmingham Bobcats have been playing indoor softball at Kingsbury School and Leisure centre in Erdington.  It was the club’s first attempt at indoor softball and it was uncertain how the new training sessions would be received by the dedicated outdoor team.  Chris Williams did a fantastic job finding a suitable venue, preparing and distributing rules and advertising the new venture - especially as he moved to the North-East of England in the middle of it. 

It was not long before the 10th January was upon us and it was very encouraging to see about twenty people (including some new faces) turn up and eager to play.  Although we had a few teething problems in the first week (a dislocated shoulder, black eye and two busted hands)  the players continued to return week after week.  The sessions, which initially started as just game scenarios, soon developed into training sessions led by newly qualified coaches Sapin and Kate.  Each week players experienced new exciting drills followed by a 30 minute high intensity (but brilliant fun) game. 

We are now in our fifth week and we are so impressed (and pleased) with the consistent high turnout, player dedication and, of course, the Brilliant Bobcat spirit!  Black eyes have been replaced by home runs, dislocated shoulders replaced by new skills and busted hands by new friends and team camaraderie. 

What will the next few weeks bring! 

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