Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Summary of 2012 so far ...

As you may have seen from the previous posts it has already been an exciting year for the Bobcats.  Here is a brief roundup of what has happened in 2012 so far:
  • The Bobcats' first indoor softball training sessions (every Tuesday night since early January) have been very successful – we have had at least 15 members turn up each week and our new coaches have successfully led good, structured sessions. 
  • Late January saw the first Coaches Meeting which brought together Quentin (Head Coach), Meg, Sapin and Kate (Assistant Coaches) and Will Lintern (BSUK) to discuss a standardised coaching base and session plans (see summary of outcomes below). 
  • The first committee meeting of 2012 (Justin, Debbie, Kate and Sapin) which was extremely productive – summary of the minutes are posted below. 
  • Meeting with BSUK’s Peter Evans to discuss funding opportunities and the upcoming Mercia League (BSUK initiative based on Bobcat ideas)
  • Confirmation of the Birmingham Derby Charity Softball Tournament – date has been set for 28th April 2012 at Hallfield.  Reinout and Alex have had a meeting with Hallfield to discuss logistics.  Application for BCH fundraising has been completed.  Justgiving sponsorship page has been created.  Posters currently being prepared by Jim.
  • Start of the Bobcat Marketing campaign for 2012 – leaflets/posters currently in production, marketing volunteer group has been assembled and will be meeting later this month. 
  • TourCats 2012 Cologne trip has been confirmed for the 24-27th May.  Preliminary costs and a proposed timetable have been researched and distributed to the team.
As you can see it maybe the off-season but the committee have been working very to make sure 2012 is a brilliant year for the Bobcats.  We are all very excited about it and we hope you will be too. 

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